2 June 2017

Thanks to JWMatch I was able to meet my brother, dear friend and my now husband. May Jehova the originator of marriage and all good gifts continue using you to help the honest hearted ones to meet or connect with their other halves and serve Jehova alongside each other. Now we have been married for one and a half years and I can't thank Jehova more! He's everything I ever wished for in a mate. I'm so much grateful to you too for If not because of your site we wouldn't have met! I want to inform anyone out there who wants to give up finding true love in here or who's pessimistic because of the negative stories maybe they've been told, never give up. Jehova will surely provide your mate too in his own due time. All you need is just a little patience maybe :-) it worked out for us and it will for all of you too.JWmatch is real! Much Christian love from me and my family and on their behalf, I want to say thank you again!