3 May 2021

Iíve been wanting to contact you for a while now to tell you what your site did for me and my wife Charlene. I was getting older and lonely after a failed marriage and wanted to meet someone who loved Jehovah like I do. I wasnít a baptized witness at the time and was a 47 year old living at my momís house having gone through a divorce and feeling very lonely and depressed. I decided to give your site a try and for some reason I felt directed to a woman named Charlene. The only problem was that she lived in Namibia Africa and I in Pennsylvania United States. After some time corresponding with her, we decided to meet and the rest is history. Weíve been together for SIX years and HAPPILY married for THREE years now. We canít thank you enough and if you ever need a testimonial feel free to ask us, weíd be MORE than happy to share our story with others who may be on the fence about whether or not to give your site a try. It has truly been a blessing and one of the best decisions of our lives. We recently got baptized together as well on April 10, 2021 praise Jah!!!

Adam Swisher