52 – Okanagan Valley,B.C., Canada

I love to cook, play the piano, listen to all kinds of music, except rap. I...

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Pays d'origine:
Situation géographique:
Okanagan Valley,B.C., Canada
155cm (5' 1.0")
Apparence générale:
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Couleur de cheveux:
Châtain clair
Couleur des yeux:
Langue maternelle:
Autres langues:
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Témoin de Jéhovah
Servant comme:
Statut conjugal:
Divorcé (libre de se remarier)
Types de relations:
Amis; Ouvert(e) à différentes possibilités; Mariage
A des enfants:
Oui, ils vivent avec moi
Désire avoir des enfants:
Habitudes alimentaires:
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Habitudes tabagiques:
Consommation d'alcool:
Pas terminé l'université/école supérieure
Travailleur indépendant
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Á propos d'Elle

I love to cook, play the piano, listen to all kinds of music, except rap. I have played piano professionally for 16 years. I totally enjoy being a mom to an 9 year old daughter. Jehovah is first in our life, and meetings are a must. We are working hard on a few goals right now..more service time, and more personal study. I come from a very family oriented background. My parents and brother and sisters are all in the truth. I have learnt through past experiences to stand up for myself, and to wait until I am totally happy before furthering a relationship.So, that is what I am waiting for!!! Someone to make me happy. Anyway, I am told that good things come to those who wait...so, I have been waiting!!

Son/sa partenaire idéal(e)

I am waiting for someone who is strong for Jehovah and his standards. I want him to take the spiritual lead in a family. I want him to be kind, and willing to be patient with an 9 year old girl. She is the apple of my eye, and would have to be special to him as well. I work hard at my business. I would want that someone special in my life to work as well,(I say this because I know that some have answered my profile, and they are not in a position to financially support someone else.) I do not need someone to come and rescue me from my horrible life. I think that to 'need' someone in a relationship is o.k., but maybe that won't last. I feel it would be much better if you 'want' that person. That way, you want that person around you no matter what the situation is, no matter what kind of a day you are having, no matter how life is treating you that day. I want to 'want' someone. So, if you are that person... let's meet!

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