37 – Space City (Houston), Texas, United States

My friends best describe me as a very fun/funny, caring, giving(some times a...

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Country of Origin:
United States
Space City (Houston), Texas, United States
5' 11" (180cm)
Body Type:
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Jehovah's Witness
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Marital Status:
Never Married
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Friends; Open to possibilities; Marriage
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Some University / College
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In His Own Words

About Him

My friends best describe me as a very fun/funny, caring, giving(some times a little too giving)and extremely loyal and honest(sometimes too honest)person to be around. I love the company of people . Im told Im pretty witty and love to make people laugh & smile. I am also very just & fairminded and can be serious when needed. I am a very spiritual as well as socially conscious brother. So there's that balance in my personality. I am very open to(and love)trying new things(cultural, food, music) and assimulate very well. I can speak and converse with people on all levels(which is a great blessing when reaching out to thoughs who are not yet spiritually conscious.) My hobbies/intersest include working out(mind, body, and spirit), cooking, reading, music, sports, history & religous studys, and intellectual conversations. My spiritual goals are to make a public declaration this summer along with my mother, and hopefully encourage the rest of my family and loved ones to follow suit. After that, the sky's the limit!

About His Ideal Match

At this point in my spiritual assurgency,I am just looking for friends around the world. I would really like to establish some positive contacts with spiriually strong sisters and brothers globally. Ones with like minds and similar interest in feeding the poor in spirit and helping one another stay afloat of this sinking ship. But, :o. if I were looking for that spiritual one??? She would have a great love and appreciation for Jehovah. Love to laugh XoD ! A genuine love for people & nature :o) . Be spiritually & socially conscious of the world around her. Be open minded and open to try new things(cultural, food, music, etc.) Like traveling. Love food. Enjoy learning. Not afraid to sweat*( basketball, boxing*, working out, etc.) Can play a little PS2. Has a sense of humor and can be just as playful as me. And most importantly have a knowledge and love of self. So if you sista's know any one who fits that description, holla at ya boy! My bad,I mean ya brother. Yall know what I mean. Xob

For those of us who sometime forget; The world around us is not real. Money/Currency is not real. It's means are to distract and control us. It was created for one purpose alone. To enslave us. To draw us away from Jehovah and his organization. It is slavery in every sense of the word. We being the Slaves: Spending our time working hard & long hours to try to accumulate and maintain "things" that we think can bring/make us happiness/happy. All the while enslaving ourselves to those "things" and the Masters: Those who control the currency, who inevitably control the world, which would inevitably make them the Masters. Masters of us who have not yet realised that *True happiness only comes from knowing and having a pleasing relationship with Jehovah & having (God willin) an companion who reflects that same love for Jehovah and his word. The "things" that we "pay" for;food, water, shelter, are a given in Jehovahs system to come(you just may have to sweat a little and get your hands a lil dirty.) ;o) Holla!


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