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well honestly where does one begin? let me start by telling you all a bit...

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Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
smallville, United Kingdom
6' 1" (185cm)
Body Type:
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Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Ministerial Servant
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Looking for:
Friends; Open to possibilities; Marriage
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Bachelors degree
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In His Own Words

About Him

well honestly where does one begin? let me start by telling you all a bit about myself. i'm an englishman! i love the outdoors and...........o.k. lets cut to the chase huh? i know what you really want to hear and that is what do i look like well as you can see from my photos i am a very attractive man a remarkable specimen in the male form! i have been told i am the closest thing to perfection that any1 has seen well thats enough beating around the bush to put it succintly pure and simply i am HOT!!! yes i have been blessed me with a body resembling a greek god and a face of an angel i dare say that my form was probably intended for an angel and not for the likes of mere humans to gaze upon! but let me tell you it is not easy looking like i do! some people would say that i have it easy and that they would give anything to look as good as this but let me warn you it is no bed of roses let me explain. how would you feel if every waking hour the minute you step out your front door people start mentally undressing you whether they be female or males! to be viewed as a mere object something to long for and desire it starts to take its toll let me tell you! on the bus on the street at a cafe at the movies the inescapable feeling that your privacy is being violated by these perverts who think wrong thoughts about me! even the christian congregation is no safe haven! it's a curse and one i have to bear everyday of my life! and to think this was brought about through no fault of my own but it was my parents who were the artists who conjured up this master piece rivalling michael angelo's david in shear perfection in fact many say to me that when they picture what adam would've looked like my form is what immediately springs to mind! although my parents were the artists, which i sometimes feel they are the greatest criminals,who created this beauty in that i was given the perfect base to work with but it was i who moulded and sculptered the clay into the body which i now posess through many hours of hard training at the gym and exercise sometimes having to forego spiritual pursuits to attain this magnificence!
well i feel i have talked enough about myself and i hope you sisters will not be intimidated by my appearance but you will look beyond the exterior. another of my most outstanding qualities is that i am probably the most humble man you will ever meet! that coupled with my appearance how can you lose?

About His Ideal Match

i'm looking for some one who will not judge me for my outward appearance just because i'm good looking doesn't mean i'm shallow. i want some one who will be able to put up with the constant stares and the stream of people who express their longing for me! i do have feelings and to think that people only think of me as a object tears at my heart!
only extremely good looking persons with recent photos should contact me!

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