53 – Andalucia, , Spain

Hello, I am José Luis, I was born in Argentina and I have been living in...

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About Him

Country of Origin:
Andalucia, , Spain
170cm (5' 6.9")
Body Type:
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Hair Colour:
Light Brown
Eye Colour:
Home Language:
Other Languages:
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Marital Status:
Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Looking for:
Friends; Open to possibilities; Marriage
Have Children:
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Daily Diet:
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Bachelors degree
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In His Own Words

About Him

Hello, I am José Luis, I was born in Argentina and I have been living in Spain for ten years. I live in the city of Almería, a beautiful city, with a lot of sun, with sea, with good beaches, and good time the whole year, with mountains close where you can appreciate the creation. It is not a very big city but neither it is small. I like shared activities, from the day to pass in the mountain or in the beach in contact with the nature and the friends, or to meet in friends' house and to pass amusing a while. I live with my father, the, it was old superintendent during many years, but when my mother died you is alone and I came me to live to Spain to accompany him, since I don't have but siblings.
I consider myself a person with great sensibility and I value the sincerity a lot when saying the things, the companionship and the complicity is very important, and to know how to be and to listen and to say words of encouragement or of warning in the appropriate moment, I like demonstrations of affection and of mutual affection, it is also very important the I dialogue I reciprocate, to be able to speak as friends and confidants. I can support the other person, but I want to know that the other part will be next to my in the moment in that I need it, giving me its support and its its healthy advice. I care personal values of the other ones and I like to highlight them, it is important to stand out those values so that the other person knows this and feel well and know the important thing that you/he/she is and the valuable thing that is.

About His Ideal Match

I like to have friendships, friends and friends everywhere of the world, because I consider that the friendship is something wonderful that it unites people, but also since Jehová believes us to be in couple and to share, it is that I think very seriously of to form a family and to be devoted to her, to take care of it, and my time to pass with my wife, to share things... I a woman that she thinks look for for that reason and have the ideas, thoughts and feelings that are compatible with mine. She should have their character, but her also, it should be clever to listen to me and to understand me, the same as I will always be willing to listen to it and to understand it and to support her, because I think that I am sensitive and that I have a good heart. She should also know how to be a good housewife and good mother in the future. Of course that I help her in the tasks of the house, AND then to share activities together, The physical appearance is not it but important but it is clear that if the interior beauty has a beautiful container it is better and but interesting. ... we know that now the perfection doesn't exist and one cannot request the perfection in a couple, but if compatibility, balance, and mutual understanding and that both have the same spiritual point of view. It is also important good humor so that everything works better.
I am simple, affectionate, predisposed, kind, I like intelligent and open conversations, I belong to people that think that the one dialogues it is fundamental for any relationship type... and to be able to fulfill the commandment of loving the neighbor like oneself.

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