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First of all I guess I should describe myself and tell you my story. I am 26...

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United States
all cities, District of Columbia, United States
5' 3" (160cm)
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Filipino / Tagalog; Other
Jehovah's Witness
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Never Married
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Friends; Open to possibilities; Marriage
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Bachelors degree
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In Her Own Words

About Her

First of all I guess I should describe myself and tell you my story. I am 26 yrs old im single 5'3 tall and 98 pounds thats about49 kls. I have black hair and tantalizing eyes. My birthday is July 2, 1979.I am God fearing individual.I am a teacher. I am serious to have a relationship for the rest of my life. I love to hunt fish ,outdoors, kids , dogs, good friends,good coffee, good food , cooking, loving, grass and life i am a lover of nature, I think that in a person's heart they know what is right and what is wrong i believe that the man i will choose for my life partner must share the SAME values and beliefs as i do, if we have different ideas and dreams of what we want in life we will not be working toward the same goals thus a marriage motivated by the desire for wealth,security, even pure love will not work. I believe there must be equally proportionate sexual,emotional and intellectual gratification and stimulation in my relationship with a man. I am romantic person and would hope to meet someone the same. I dine with beggars and kings alike. I am a simple person with a touch of class, the man i will share my life with must be the same. I am not interested in a materialistic man one who is motivated by money, a high society status or simply aftering a green card is not for me. WRONG NUMBER! I am looking for a simple hardworking guy who is interested in raising a family. As i said, i love the outdoors i can grow a garden and raise chickens i will hunt fish. Do you like to do those things... I LOVE MAKING SMALL BUSINESSES TOO SOMETHING SIMPLE FROM THE HOME. SINCE I WAS THE CHILD I HAVE ALWAYS HAD SOME KIND OF "SIDELINE" for extra money that is my style i hope my husband would share the same interest and help me with that as well. I also believe that the mother should stay with the kids untill they are in school."FAMILY FIRST" DO YOU AGREE? I dont want kids right away though. I think that first the couple should enjoy thier freedom for a few years. Once you had a baby it is hard to travel and do stuff. Spend the first few years carefree and enjoy and save money and have fun. Really get to know each other. Hows that?
Once again i want to say that i am looking for a man who can be with me and accept me for who am i for the rest of my life, That is my dream i have work hard all my life and now is my time to settle down and i want to choose the right man i ask that my husband be able to do these things. You have probably heard the expression "An Angel to the public and a Devil once you get home thats about it, I can honestly say that i am a kind and generous woman, romantic slightly beautiful,energetic,hardworking and would make a GREAT WIFE AND A MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN. I think we should also mention the fact that if you are divorced and have kids. BE HONEST i can accept that IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY THAT WE BUILD THE FOUNDATION OF OUR RELATIONSHIP BASED ON HONESTY AND TRUST, compatible as well as compatible in the rest of the areas in the relationship? I will respect you thruthfullness and honesty by not misleading or taking advantage of you as i said i am a kind an honest person i dont want to hurt anyone while looking for my future husband ...COMMUNICATION. SAY WHAT YOU FEEL! NO SECRETS! If i know what is expected of me i can behave accordingly. I hope this isn't too much to digest but i think it is important that i say right from the beginning what kind of a person i am and what i am looking for in a man.I am an adult with my own ideas and beliefs. I know what i want in life and how to get it. It takes work ,hard work and commitments. Not an easy thing to do but well worth it in the long run.It is said that the "EYES are the mirror of the soul. To me that means a good heart and trustworthiness . Is that YOU?
As of now i'm studying knowledge book and i want to continue and after this i want to dedicate myself to Jehovah by baptism and to serve Him in my whole life and to be Jehovah's servant.

About Her Ideal Match

I want man whose honest w/me and not fooling around simple loving man w/big heart.And most of all am not not that perfectionist willing to support me and knows how to LISTEN and WEIGH things. And above all i want a person whose serving Jehovah too and active in sprititual and want see me in person as soon as possible.My both GRANDMA AND GRANDPA, MY PARENTS AS WELL ARE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES. We are serving Jehovah for several years.

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