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Online: More than 6 months ago

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About Her

Country of Origin:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
159cm (5' 2.6")
Body Type:
Hair Colour:
Changes Often
Eye Colour:
Home Language:
Other Languages:
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Marital Status:
Never Married
Looking for:
Open to possibilities; Marriage
Have Children:
Want Children:
Daily Diet:
Eat healthily
Technical Diploma
Administrative / Secretarial

About Her Ideal Match

Country of Origin:
Barrie; Belleville; Brantford; Brockville; Guelph; Hamilton; Kenora; Kingston; Kitchener; London; Orillia; Oshawa; Peterborough; Toronto (Ontario, Canada)
Age Range:
36 - 45
178cm (5' 10.1") - 193cm (6' 4.0")
Body Type:
Slim; Average; Athletic; A few extra pounds; Large
Beauty contest winner; Very Attractive; Above Average; Average; Attractive
Hair Colour:
Blonde; Dark Blonde; Light Brown; Dark Brown; Auburn; Red; Black; Changes Often; Greying; None (Bald); Shaved
Eye Colour:
Has a Photo:
Latino/Hispanic; Native American; White/Caucasian; Other; Mixed
Home Language:
Other Languages:
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Marital Status:
Never Married; Widowed; Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Have Children:
Want Children:
Yes; Maybe
Daily Diet:
Eat most things; Eat healthily; Vegetarian
Non-Drinker; Occasional Drinker
High / secondary school; Current University / College Student; Some University / College; Technical Diploma; Associates degree; Bachelors degree; Postgraduate degree; PhD / Post Doctoral
Administrative / Secretarial; Artistic / Musical / Writer; Executive / Management; Finance; Food Services; Labour / Construction; Legal; Medical / Dental; Government; Sales and Marketing; Self-employed; Student; Teacher / Professor; Technical / Science / Engineering; Transportation; Other; Agriculture
Solvent; Enough; Comfortable; Wealthy; Fat cat
  • Not important at all
  • Slightly important
  • Moderately important
  • Decidedly important
  • Non-negotiable

In Her Own Words

About Her

I'm a little complicated, yet simple
An angel, but not always...who really is???
Serious, yet fun to be with...I can be such a kid sometimes! Keeps me young!
A lady, but not afraid to hang with the guys. I'm patient, but I won't wait forever. And I'm not afraid to say that I was wrong and apologize...if I was of course...LOL!!!

I can be a bit of an enigma, but if you take the time to get to know me you will find that it was worth the effort. I try to be open and always give others the benefit of the doubt. I am patient (maybe too patient at times) but I don't like to jump the gun. I don't like being lied to. That doesn't mean you have to tell me all the details, just make sure that you tell me the truth. Once my trust has been betrayed it's very hard for me to give it again. People know me as being quiet, but a pillar of strength given the things that I deal with and have dealt with and yet I can still walk with my head up high and give strength to others.

I am a hopeless romantic and think that a man who cooks for his lady is very sexy. Cooking for your sweetheart is one of the best ways to bring a smile to their face.

I love to read, to make my own toiletries, do arts and crafts and I even have books published. I love to cook. Not too much for the outdoors as I am a city girl, but I would go camping if it would make my man happy.

So, if you are open, honest and not afraid of a woman who knows what she wants, but can be shy at times, then we can get to know each other. After years of taking care of myself, I would love to share my life with someone and hopefully bring more joy and happiness to them as they would for me.

Anything that's worthwhile takes time and effort!

About Her Ideal Match

I like things to be simple, so all I will say is this:

a guy who knows what he wants in life and is not afraid to say nor is he afraid to go for it. A guy who is open about what he expects and wants in a relationship and not afraid to put in the effort to make it work (especially in a long distance one) as those can be the hardest if both parties don't work together.

Remember...a little attention goes a long way. I don't mind going the distance if it's going to be the real thing. I want a man who can rise above the tough times in his life and who is optimistic about life and confident in himself.
He must be honest and open and not afraid to tell me his feelings no matter how hard it might be. And be able to leave his past in the past no matter how painful it might have been.

He doesn't have to be superman or try and save the world, he just has to be himself and allow me to be myself. I know no man is perfect and I don't expect perfection but I do expect to be respected.

And above all, he has to be a spiritual man and take that responsibility seriously so that we can serve Jehovah together and keep the relationship strong.

As far as anything else...well that can be negotiated, right?

More About Her

Religious Background & Activity
Baptized Jehovah's Witness for:
More than 20 years
Monthly Service Hours:
6-10 hours
Home Bible Studies:
None, but I would like to have one :-)
I have never been disfellowshipped
Disfellowshipped Family Members:
JW Family Members:
Most of my family members are Jehovah's Witnesses
Religious Attendance:
I try to attend all weekly meetings/services without fail
More Physical Characteristics
I wear glasses
Fashion Sense:
Smart (It's all about quality)
I have none
Hair Style:
Medium; Straight; Curly; Well-behaved; It has its moods
Personality Traits
Sense of Humour:
Ruled by:
The heart
Party Behaviour:
An impartial observer
Personality Traits:
Cautious; Easy going; Funny; Intelligent; Mild; Moody; Optimistic; Quiet; Realistic; Sarcastic; Shy; Silly; Stable
Valued Qualities:
Charity; Chemistry; Compassion; Contentment; Devotion; Faithfulness; Forgiveness; Friendliness; Honesty; Hope; Humility; Humour; Kindness; Mercy; Moderation; Patience; Self-control; Sexiness; Tolerance
Leisure & Entertainment
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Clothing:
My trusty pair of jeans
Date Activities:
A movie; A music concert; A picnic in a park; Attending a sporting event; Dinner at a restaurant; Going out dancing; Going to the theatre; Meeting for coffee; Meeting for drinks; Walking on the beach
Asian Fusion; Chinese; French; Greek; Indian; Italian; Japanese; Pub Grub; Thai
Music Preferences:
Classical; Dance / Disco; Electronic Dance Music; Instrumental; Jazz; Latin; Pop / Top 40; R&B / Soul; Rock; World
Best-sellers; Crime; Fantasy; Fiction; Horror; Mystery; Religious; Romance; Sci-Fi; Science / Technology; Self-help
TV Shows:
Action/Adventure; Cartoons; Documentaries; Dramas; Educational; Movie Channels; Nature/Wildlife; News; Sci-Fi
Movie Preferences:
Action; Cult Classics; Drama; Mystery; Romance; Sci-Fi
Board games; Card games; Computer & video games; Cooking; Healthy living; Reading; Shopping; Surfing the Internet; Writing books
Badminton; Bowling; Walking
More Lifestyle
Pace of Life:
Go with the flow
Time at Work:
I work a standard 40 hour week
Pastimes of choice:
Time Online:
I'm on for an hour or two a day
I love it!
Dining Out:
I only eat out on special occasions
TV Habits:
I watch a few favourite shows each week
Movie Frequency:
Occasionally or irregularly
Sport Involvement:
Watching from the sidelines
I like animals
Family Size:
I've got sisters
Family Closeness:
We're average
Willing to Relocate:
I'd consider it
I love it
Dietary Restrictions:
Likes & Dislikes
Pets (Like):
Cat(s); Dog(s); Fish; Horse(s)
Pets (Dislike):
Reptile(s); Rodent(s)
The Deep Stuff
Work Aspirations:
Find new, more meaningful work
Dream Home:
House in the suburbs
Retirement Plans:
Living in a quiet cabin in the woods
Feelings about using JWMatch:
Hopeful; Optimistic; Excited