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Modified: More than 6 months ago

Online: 01 November 2016

About Him

Country of Origin:
United States
Maplewood (Manasquan), New Jersey, United States
5' 11" (180cm)
Body Type:
Very Attractive
Hair Colour:
Light Brown
Eye Colour:
Home Language:
Other Languages:
Ask me later
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Regular Pioneer
Marital Status:
Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Looking for:
Just online friends; Activity partners; Friends; Open to possibilities; Marriage
Have Children:
Yes, living with me
Want Children:
Ask me later
Daily Diet:
Eat healthily
Some University / College
Executive / Management

About His Ideal Match

Country of Origin:
United States
Anywhere in the United States
Age Range:
26 - 41
5' 0" (152cm) - 5' 10" (179cm)
Body Type:
Slim; Average; Athletic
Beauty contest winner; Very Attractive; Above Average; Attractive
Hair Colour:
Blonde; Dark Blonde; Light Brown; Dark Brown; Auburn; Red; Black
Eye Colour:
Blue; Blue-Green; Brown; Green; Grey; Hazel
Has a Photo:
Slightly important
Native American; White/Caucasian; Other; Mixed
Home Language:
Any; English
Other Languages:
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Marital Status:
Never Married; Divorced; Widowed; Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Have Children:
Want Children:
Daily Diet:
Non-Drinker; Occasional Drinker
  • Not important at all
  • Slightly important
  • Moderately important
  • Decidedly important
  • Non-negotiable

In His Own Words

About Him

Tagline: lol. Actually im a really sweet guy with a good sense of humor. Mom approved! Lol. Anyway, Who am i? Im spiritual guy, long time in the truth, done alot of full time service. Im driven, have a sharp business mind, and operate my companies as such, and enjoy traveling. Im a fun-loving guy, i like to surf, play sports and regularly go to the gym often times twice a day.

You said all the good ones are taken, well once in a while one of us becomes available. I am him. Hold pulling back on my white horse while i wax my shining armor. Lol

I have a very good footing in the truth, pioneered, bethel. Served in a number of capacity's. Its a joy to serve, but im not a guy that needs a title

Surf it, wade it, ski it, an ocean guy. I love the beach. I love the ocean, love vacation, love surfing and indulge in a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone on a midsummer day is the pinnacle of relaxing to me. Dont ever suggest vacationing in Antartica..u get my drift? Lol
Lil about me: raised in the truth, never did drugs, or immorality, kept my integrity to Jehovah when i was being tested. I've been used in a couple of fitness ads, some have used the words to describe me as "cute" gorgeous" & the other words are flattering but inappropriate (Blush) Before i was told i was going to be single again, i always had & still maintain a reputation of being an excellent husband and father, take the lead spiritually, caring, loving and just a very fun and easy. Even the ex (when she was sane)said that i am a "very good man".
Activities: For a hobby, I'm a certified group fitness instructor. Im spontaneous, romantic & have chivalry.

Grab a bottle of wine and cheese and go to a vineyard. Gaze on a clear night at the NYC skyline. Walk any city and find whats around the corner. Dont have to look far for beauty, cause often times its right in front of you the whole time.

I like to have fun, always crack jokes, and enjoy life. Enjoy all sorts of food but i dont like to drink much

About His Ideal Match

Well, she needs to love the beach, it would be great if she was a surfer girl, cause i'm such an beach guy. I find myself drawn to light eyed women and fair skin, notably green or blue eyes, but that's not ruling anything out. I believe in friendship first and then when you cant imagine life without her, then she's the one. So, certainly one who has a good history in worship to Jehovah, kind, sensitive, caring. I really would like a best friend, someone to work with, play with, have great conversations and enjoy laughing and talking, going to the gym and of course, going out in field service or preparing together. Loves children and is motherly. Doesn't always need to be around other people all the time, but enjoying some alone time with your mate. She enjoys taking care of herself physically & spiritually. Can mingle at a crowd or event and feel secure whether its at our conventions or business conventions. Occasionally, i have black tie events and wouldn't mind sharing it having my girl in a cute black cocktail dress hanging on my arm.

Chemistry is important, when were together i want us feel light, happy carefree. Whether fancy or foot-loose, able to adapt and just enjoy the moment of the "now". Beauty may fade, a inner beauty doesn't. A girl should love Jehovah more than anything/anyone on earth, and have a respectible history in the truth.

There are many pretty women...but what really makes a truly beautiful woman in my eyes is someone that is beautiful on the outside, sweet on the inside, maintained their integrity to Jehovah in times of distress, and does NOT negotiate on putting Jehovah first in her life.

To be upfront and honest, a sister that has been df'd or married more than once should seek others besides me on this site.

More About Him

Religious Background & Activity
Baptized Jehovah's Witness for:
More than 20 years
Monthly Service Hours:
More than 20 hours
Home Bible Studies:
I have never been disfellowshipped
Disfellowshipped Family Members:
JW Family Members:
All of my family members are Jehovah's Witnesses
Religious Attendance:
I try to attend all weekly meetings/services without fail
More Physical Characteristics
Facial Hair:
I'm clean-shaven
Body Hair:
I've got 20/20 vision
Fashion Sense:
Casual (I'm usually in my favourite jeans)
Hair Style:
Personality Traits
Sense of Humour:
Ruled by:
The head
Party Behaviour:
A social butterfly
Personality Traits:
Easy going; Funny; Intelligent; Optimistic; Outgoing; Stable
Valued Qualities:
Chemistry; Compassion; Contentment; Devotion; Faithfulness; Honesty; Humility; Humour; Kindness; Mercy; Moderation; Patience; Self-control
Leisure & Entertainment
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Clothing:
Shorts & a T-shirt
Date Activities:
A movie; A music concert; A picnic in a park; Dinner at a restaurant; Going out dancing; Meeting for coffee; Meeting for drinks; Walking on the beach
Doesn't matter
Music Preferences:
Alternative; Classical; Heavy Metal; Instrumental; New Age; Pop / Top 40; Rock
TV Shows:
Movie Preferences:
Action; Comedy
Cooking; Healthy living; Investing; Photography
American Football; Athletics; Basketball; Body building; Cycling; Darts; Golf; Pool; Running; Skiing; Snowboarding; Soccer; Surf skiing/kayaking; Surfing; Swimming; Table Tennis; Tennis
More Lifestyle
Pace of Life:
Time at Work:
I work a standard 40 hour week
Pastimes of choice:
Time Online:
I'm on several hours a day
I cook rather than starve
Dining Out:
I eat out 7 days a week
TV Habits:
I mostly use my TV for news or sport
Movie Frequency:
Occasionally or irregularly
Sport Involvement:
A regular competitor
I like animals
Family Size:
I've got a brother
Family Closeness:
We're average
Willing to Relocate:
I'm unlikely to move
I enjoy it
Likes & Dislikes
Pets (Like):
Pets (Dislike):
Reptile(s); Rodent(s)
The Deep Stuff
Dream Home:
Beach house
Retirement Plans:
Sipping margaritas on a beach
Feelings about using JWMatch:
Nervous; Curious; Embarrassed