54 – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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About Her

Country of Origin:
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
170cm (5' 6.9")
Body Type:
Very Attractive
Hair Colour:
Dark Brown
Eye Colour:
Home Language:
Other Languages:
French; Italian
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Marital Status:
Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Looking for:
Activity partners; Friends; Open to possibilities; Offer a free Home Bible Study
Have Children:
Yes, not living with me
Want Children:
Ask me later
Daily Diet:
Occasional Drinker
Some University / College
Executive / Management

About Her Ideal Match

Country of Origin:
Anywhere in the World
Anywhere in the World
Age Range:
38 - 54
180cm (5' 10.9") - 210cm (6' 10.7") or taller
Body Type:
Average; Athletic; Stocky
Beauty contest winner; Very Attractive; Above Average; Average; Attractive
Hair Colour:
Dark Blonde; Light Brown; Dark Brown; Black; Greying; Shaved
Eye Colour:
Has a Photo:
Latino/Hispanic; White/Caucasian; Mixed
Home Language:
Other Languages:
French; Italian
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Publisher; Auxiliary Pioneer; Regular Pioneer; Missionary; Ministerial Servant; Elder; Bethelite
Marital Status:
Never Married; Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Have Children:
Yes, not living with me; Yes, living with me; Yes, living with me sometimes
Want Children:
Daily Diet:
Non-Drinker; Occasional Drinker; Regular Drinker
Current University / College Student; Some University / College; Technical Diploma; Associates degree; Bachelors degree; Postgraduate degree; PhD / Post Doctoral
Executive / Management; Finance; Labour / Construction; Retired; Sales and Marketing; Self-employed; Teacher / Professor; Technical / Science / Engineering
Solvent; Enough; Comfortable; Wealthy
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In Her Own Words

About Her

AJSLadyProv31Woman is a well presented, elegant, conservative, tres chic lady with Italian/French heritage. Serious when necessary, joyful in general with a positive attitude. Has a pure, beautiful expansive prosperous and paradisaic mind and heart. A designers mind who lives romanticly and warmly. Has a lot of energy, likes to dance, work out, gym etc and sharing wonderful times with wonderful people. Is a very discerning. powerful positive achiever.

Born into Jehovah's Organisation. Baptised at 20. Has no other belief system aside from loving the True God, Jehovah God and His Woman, successfully forever, Thankful for Jesus Christ...

LOVES to share the kingdom good news when appropriate and presenting a lovable, high-quality representation of Jehovah God and Jesus Christ.

Loves the sound of heavy rain, jogging at sunrise. Loves exhilarating snowy mountain Spa Retreats, beautiful parks, bay and harbour views and is quite the active one who enjoys a beautiful and fresh social life.

Loves early morning walks/runs through beautiful lush, blooming parks and gardens. Loves to host and share dining events, wine tastings, Alfresco (vegan) barbeques and listening to smooth jazz. Is a Professional Consultant and specialises in Business Transformation and Sales Improvement.

Lives a healthy, clean and tidy, fitness oriented life, therefore is lean, very strong, athletic. (Is also a qualified Vegan PT and Sports Nutritionist, Fitness and Strength Trainer) Youthful in appearance and lifestyle. Loves to travel, go flying, cruising and sailing in a carbon neutral way!

Love God our creator..... and His Woman... Welcomes new friends her age or younger, who enjoy a similar morally clean lifestyle!

About Her Ideal Match

Hi, I am looking for loving friendships, travel, dance and social companions, thank you. I love to share social events that are upbuilding and lovely to be a part of. I live a wonderfully blessed and happy vegan lifestyle, rich with love and compassion. I believe I would be best suited to a Vegan Jehovah's Witness male as a marital interest (or willing to become a Vegan). I am Vegan (no animal products at all) and will remain so forever. I am marriage material and am only interested in a true relationship with intention to marry.

You are baptised of course and enjoy loving the true God our creator with unwavering desire to be doing so forever :)

As a female, I am confident. Love beautifully spirited people that are loving and kind to associate with. I am a positive productive joyous thinker and fill my days with kind, loving and beautiful experiences. I have 3 wonderful (adult) sons, so would highly appreciate some upbuilding encouraging friends in my life with a loving, supportive family attitude. :) I am already happy and want to share it.

Qualities I love, respect and admire is a positive attitude, initiative and an everlasting life view along with a caring compassionate heart towards children and animals alike. Active in the Ministry. A good spirit. Well presented. Able to participate in and enjoy an active fitness oriented lifestyle. Loves hugs and kisses and the sharing of romantic surprises and gifts.

You are a kind upbuilding person, have love for goodness, share kindness, you are CLEAN SHAVEN, of HEALTHY weight and fitness level. ( Occasional 3 day growth is nice) Well dressed. You recognise high quality and appreciate its everlasting beauty and are a quality person yourself. :) Love paradisaic gardens, I love jogging through them!

You love, appreciate and cherish the gifts of a strong, elegant, feminine woman that is accomplished, successful, loves beautifully, genuinely and passionately.

Our life and love is an everlasting one and that is surely beneficial !! :) Ciao

What Her Friends Say

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More About Her

Religious Background & Activity
Baptized Jehovah's Witness for:
More than 30 years
Monthly Service Hours:
1-5 hours
I have never been disfellowshipped
Disfellowshipped Family Members:
JW Family Members:
Some of my family members are Jehovah's Witnesses
Religious Attendance:
I try to attend all weekly meetings/services without fail
More Physical Characteristics
I wear glasses only when reading
Fashion Sense:
Smart (It's all about quality)
I have none
Hair Style:
Long; Well-behaved
Personality Traits
Sense of Humour:
Rocket Scientist
Ruled by:
The head
Party Behaviour:
An impartial observer
Personality Traits:
Cautious; Intelligent; Mild; Optimistic; Outgoing; Outspoken; Stable
Valued Qualities:
Compassion; Devotion; Faithfulness; Forgiveness; Friendliness; Honesty; Hope; Kindness; Self-control
Leisure & Entertainment
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Clothing:
My Armani suit / My Versace dress
Date Activities:
A music concert; A picnic in a park; Attending a sporting event; Dinner at a restaurant; Going out dancing; Going to the theatre; Meeting for coffee; Meeting for drinks
Asian Fusion; Fine Dining; French; Greek; Italian; Sushi; Thai
Music Preferences:
Classical; Dance / Disco; Electronic Dance Music; Instrumental; Jazz; Opera
(Auto)biographies; Business; Non-fiction; Religious; Science / Technology; Travel
TV Shows:
Educational; Sport
Business news; Cooking; Gardening; Healthy living; Investing; Photography; Reading; Sewing; Shopping; Singing; Surfing the Internet
Aerobics; Body building; Cycling; Dancesport; Inline / Roller skating; Running; Sailing; Skiing; Swimming; Tennis; Walking; Weight training
More Lifestyle
Pace of Life:
Time at Work:
I work a standard 40 hour week
Time Online:
I'm on several hours a day
I really enjoy cooking
Dining Out:
I eat out a few times a month
Movie Frequency:
Sport Involvement:
An active participant
I like animals
Family Size:
I've got brothers and sisters
Family Closeness:
We're average
Willing to Relocate:
I'm unlikely to move
I enjoy it
Likes & Dislikes
Pets (Like):
Bird(s); Cat(s); Dog(s); Horse(s)
The Deep Stuff
Work Aspirations:
Get promoted
Dream Home:
Mansion with loads of servants
Retirement Plans:
Exploring the 7 Wonders of the World
Feelings about using JWMatch:
Optimistic; Excited