62 – Houston (Dayton), Texas, United States

I love Jehovah with all my heart. I'm looking for someone who feels the same.

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About Her

Country of Origin:
United States
Houston (Dayton), Texas, United States
5' 4" (163cm)
Body Type:
Hair Colour:
Dark Brown
Eye Colour:
Ask me later
Home Language:
Other Languages:
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
None / Not applicable
Relationship Status:
Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Looking for:
Activity partners; Friends; Open to possibilities; Marriage
Have Children:
Yes, not living with me
Want Children:
Daily Diet:
Eat most things
Occasional Drinker
Some University / College

About Her Ideal Match

Country of Origin:
Anywhere in North America
Anywhere in Texas, United States
Age Range:
50 - 65
5' 8" (172cm) - 6' 3" (191cm)
Body Type:
Average; Athletic; A few extra pounds; Large; Stocky
Above Average; Average; Attractive
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Has a Photo:
Latino/Hispanic; Native American; Pacific Islander; White/Caucasian; Mixed; Black/Caribbean
Home Language:
English; Spanish
Other Languages:
English; Spanish
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Publisher; Auxiliary Pioneer; Regular Pioneer; Missionary; Ministerial Servant; Elder; Bethelite; Currently not serving
Relationship Status:
Widowed; Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Have Children:
Want Children:
Yes; Maybe
Daily Diet:
Eat most things; Eat healthily
Occasional Drinker
Solvent; Enough; Comfortable
  • Not important at all
  • Slightly important
  • Moderately important
  • Decidedly important
  • Non-negotiable

In Her Own Words

About Her

I don't like arguing. I don't like to fight. I cook.but I can mostly make Spanish food. Home made flour tortillas and home made salsa are my specialties. I love to try to make different things. I love a clean house. Spending time with friends and family is a must. I don't mind a brother who has children I always say the more the better. Where one eats two eat. Lol whoever is interested in me must except my sister who is kind loving and disabled. The State pays me foster care money to take care of her. So I'm not looking for financial support. I have a 3 year old grandson that I share custody with. I love my friends from the congregation and I love peace. I treasure peace. I'm kind and loving and understanding, I don't care what your doing when your out with friends or family as long as your faithful and loyal to Jehovah and me. I'm very trustworthy. I will give 100 percent of myself as long as I can get back at least 80 percent. I long suffer. A brother with a great job means NOTHING to me. In Satan's system Nothing is promised tomorrow. I'm a person who gives all the time, it makes me happy, I want someone who is like me. I take time to stop and smell the roses. I love to go fishing, I love gatherings with friends from the congregation. I don't mind trying new things, Organization is very important to me. Although I'm not as organized as I want to be.
I won't be with someone who won't let me be a part of my family. I will support my husband in everything he does. I'm a very hard worker. I love Jehovah with all my heart and I will certainly be faithful to him. Or at least try my very best. I love to laugh, I want a husband who laughs too. I love stories. I'm a simple person. I don't need name brands, Or manicures I take care of myself. I'm content with very little. The smallest things bring me happiness. I would treat my husband like a King with all due respect. I would never belittle him in front of people. I want to be treated the same.

About Her Ideal Match

Jehovah has to be first in his life. A spiritual head to take the lead. I will continue spiritual things if my husband is busy or I'll. A loving caring person, who has patients. A brother who loves to laugh and to have fun. I'm looking for someone who will let me be who I am and not try to change me to whom they want me to be. I will not compromise Jehovah's standards. I also don't need for someone to be quoting scriptures all day long. If you ask me any questions about my past, I will answer them for you. But I don't like to look back I'm a person who only wants to look forward I'm not looking for someone to grow old with, I'm looking for someone to grow young with. I know what it means to be submissive, I also know what it means to be a slave. I hope my future husband knows the difference too. I'm willing to compromise, I want a brother who will sit next to me at a campfire and will enjoy Jehovah's creations. I want a brother who will watch a football game, Eat pizza and drink a beer with me. He must enjoy the outdoors. I don't want a party pooper.
I live in Dayton Texas, I don't mind if I have to relocate but only in surrounding areas. My future husband must take the lead spiritually, prayer, family worship, kingdom activities, and the ministry are a must.
He must show me appreciation. I don't need flowers. I don't need the door open for me. A thank you is good enough. And most of all I appreciate a smile.

What Her Friends Say

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More About Her

Religious Background & Activity
Baptized Jehovah's Witness for:
More than 20 years
Monthly Service Hours:
None / not applicable
Home Bible Studies:
I am currently disfellowshipped
Disfellowshipped Family Members:
Jehovah's Witnesses Family Members:
Some of my family members are Jehovah's Witnesses
Religious Attendance:
I try to attend all weekly meetings/services without fail
More Physical Characteristics
Hair Style:
I sometimes wear glasses
I have none
Sense of Humour:
Ruled by:
The head
Party Behaviour:
A social butterfly
Personality Traits:
Cautious; Daring; Easy going; Funny; Intelligent; Mild; Optimistic; Outgoing; Outspoken; Realistic; Silly; Stable; Wild & Crazy
Valued Qualities:
Charity; Chemistry; Compassion; Contentment; Devotion; Faithfulness; Forgiveness; Friendliness; Honesty; Hope; Humility; Humour; Kindness; Mercy; Moderation; Patience; Self-control; Sexiness; Tolerance
Fashion Sense:
Contemporary (I'm cool, but I don't need labels)
Favourite Clothing:
Shorts & a T-shirt
Favourite Colour:
Leisure & Entertainment
Date Activities:
A movie; A music concert; A picnic in a park; Attending a sporting event; Dinner at a restaurant; Going out dancing; Going to the theatre; Meeting for coffee; Meeting for drinks; Walking on the beach
Music Preferences:
Classical; Country & Western; Dance / Disco; Instrumental; Latin; Pop / Top 40; Reggae
I'm not keen
TV Habits:
I watch a few favourite shows each week
TV Shows:
Action / Adventure; Cartoons; Comedy / Sit-coms; Documentaries; Dramas; Movie Channels; Nature / Wildlife; News; Reality shows
Movie Frequency:
Once or twice a month
Movie Preferences:
Action; Comedy; Documentary; Drama; Mystery; Romance; Westerns
Board games; Card games; Cooking; Gardening; Making Music; Painting; Photography; Woodworking; Writing poetry
Sport Involvement:
Watching from the couch
Birdwatching; Bowling; Camping; Darts; Fishing; Hiking; Horse Riding; Hunting; Pool; Walking; White water rafting
I have to cook
Doesn't matter; Seafood
Go Out to Eat:
I eat out a few times a month
Dietary Restrictions:
I have none
More Lifestyle
Pace of Life:
Go with the flow
Time at Work:
I work at home
Pastimes of choice:
Pursuing a hobby
Time Online:
I check in once a day
Family Size:
I've got brothers and sisters
Family Closeness:
We're dysfunctional
Willing to Relocate:
I'm unlikely to move
Likes & Dislikes
I love my pet(s)
Pets (Have):
Dog(s); Fish
Pets (Like):
Bird(s); Cat(s); Exotic pet(s); Horse(s)
Pets (Dislike):
Reptile(s); Rodent(s)
The Deep Stuff
Work Aspirations:
I already have my ideal job
Dream Home:
Beach house
Retirement Plans:
Sipping margaritas on a beach
Feelings about using JWMatch:
Nervous; Hopeful; Embarrassed; Optimistic; Excited