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Online: 06 May 2017

Modified: More than 6 months ago

About Him

Country of Origin:
United States
Bakersfield, California, United States
5' 8" (173cm)
Body Type:
A few extra pounds
Hair Colour:
Dark Brown
Eye Colour:
Home Language:
Other Languages:
Ask me later
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Marital Status:
Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Looking for:
Just online friends; Activity partners; Friends; Open to possibilities; Marriage
Have Children:
Yes, not living with me
Want Children:
Daily Diet:
Eat most things
Regular Drinker
Associates degree

About His Ideal Match

Country of Origin:
Anywhere in the World
Bakersfield (California, United States)
Age Range:
25 - 45
5' 5" (164cm) - 5' 9" (176cm)
Body Type:
Average; Athletic; Curvaceous
Very Attractive; Above Average; Attractive
Hair Colour:
Blonde; Dark Blonde; Light Brown; Dark Brown; Auburn; Red; Black
Eye Colour:
Has a Photo:
Slightly important
Latino/Hispanic; Middle Eastern; White/Caucasian
Home Language:
Other Languages:
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Publisher; Auxiliary Pioneer; Regular Pioneer
Marital Status:
Widowed; Divorced (Free to Remarry)
Have Children:
Want Children:
Daily Diet:
Eat most things; Eat healthily
Non-Drinker; Regular Drinker
Some University / College; Technical Diploma; Associates degree; Bachelors degree
Struggling; Solvent; Enough; Comfortable; Wealthy; Fat cat
  • Not important at all
  • Slightly important
  • Moderately important
  • Decidedly important
  • Non-negotiable

In His Own Words

About Him

I'm someone who is always ready to go out and do something fun and interesting. I love going out to the movies, and playing pool. I enjoy going to museums, such art and history museums. I love going to the zoo. I love to go camping, fishing, and hiking or a simple walk. I love learning new things. I love to read. I read my bible every day, I try to read a copy of the Watchtower or Awake! every day. And when I have time, a book of fiction or non-fiction. My spiritual food always comes first though. I love hiking up in the mountains, and even though I haven't had a lot of time, I enjoy rock hounding. I do have a collection of various rocks and crystals. I do enjoy staying home and enjoying company with friends watching a movie or playing games, or simply socializing. I can be kind of shy; but always wanting to meet and get to know new people. I'm reserved at first; but open up once I get to know someone. I feel I have a great sense of humor; but until I know what kind of sense of humor another person has, I don't usually joke around and thus may seem too serious at times. I work as a Direct Support Professional. I work in a home with four individuals with autism. I go to their home and take care of their daily needs and assist them on living on their own. It's challenging work; but I do enjoy it. I'm currently going to school online and studying to be a Medical Claims and Billing Specialist. I do make every attempt to make it to every meeting. Especially in this day and age I feel it's vital to make it to every meeting. I take my privileges seriously, whether it's giving a talk or bible reading, to holding the mics. I like visiting other congregations as long as I'm not scheduled to hold the mics or say a prayer. I feel when I reached out for these privileges I gave my word to carry out said privilege.

About His Ideal Match

I'm looking for someone who loves Jehovah with everything they have. Someone who makes every effort to make it to every meeting and is prepared for the meeting. Nobody is perfect; but I'm looking for someone who looks at studying and being prepared for the meetings a vital part of worship and puts as much effort as possible into being prepared. I'm looking for someone who is energetic and always up to doing something fun and interesting. I would like to find someone who enjoys camping, fishing, and hiking. But someone who also enjoys staying home with friends. I would really like to find someone who enjoys watching college football. I love college football with a passion! So I need to find someone who will at the very least understand and accept how important it is to me. Saturday morning service of course always comes first. Then college football. I'm also looking for someone who loves to laugh and laugh hard. I sometimes laugh hard and am not going to be quite about it and would like to find someone who enjoys laughing. I'm a deep thinker so therefore would like to find someone who likes to think deep thoughts as well. I'm also not looking for someone who is in to celebrities and what they are up to. I love movies; but that's where it pretty much stops. I don't care to know about their personal lives and I need someone who doesn't care either.

More About Him

Religious Background & Activity
Baptized Jehovah's Witness for:
More than 20 years
Monthly Service Hours:
1-5 hours
Home Bible Studies:
None, but I would like to have one :-)
I was disfellowshipped, but I am now reinstated
Disfellowshipped Family Members:
JW Family Members:
Some of my family members are Jehovah's Witnesses
Religious Attendance:
I try to attend all weekly meetings/services without fail
More Physical Characteristics
Facial Hair:
I'm clean-shaven
Body Hair:
I wear glasses
Fashion Sense:
Contemporary (I'm cool, but I don't need labels)
I have none
Hair Style:
Personality Traits
Sense of Humour:
Ruled by:
The head
Party Behaviour:
An average mingler
Personality Traits:
Cautious; Easy going; Funny; Intelligent; Optimistic; Quiet; Realistic; Shy
Valued Qualities:
Compassion; Devotion; Faithfulness; Forgiveness; Friendliness; Honesty; Hope; Humility; Humour; Kindness; Mercy; Moderation; Patience; Self-control; Tolerance
Leisure & Entertainment
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Clothing:
My trusty pair of jeans
Date Activities:
A movie; A music concert; A picnic in a park; Attending a sporting event; Dinner at a restaurant; Going to the theatre; Meeting for coffee; Meeting for drinks; Walking on the beach
Chinese; Fine Dining; Greek; Italian; Pub Grub; Seafood
Music Preferences:
Alternative; Blues; Classical; Country & Western; Folk; Instrumental; Jazz; Opera; Pop / Top 40; Rock
(Auto)biographies; Best-sellers; Fantasy; Fiction; History; Horror; Mystery; Non-fiction; Sci-Fi; Science / Technology; Travel
TV Shows:
Action/Adventure; Comedy/Sit-coms; Documentaries; Dramas; Educational; Movie Channels; Music Channels; Nature/Wildlife; Sci-Fi; Sport
Movie Preferences:
Action; Black & White / Silent; Comedy; Cult Classics; Documentary; Drama; Independent; Mystery; Sci-Fi; Westerns
Board games; Card games; Collecting stamps, coins, etc.; Cooking; Healthy living; Photography; Pottery; Reading; Shopping; Surfing the Internet; Writing books; Writing poetry
American Football; Archery; Badminton; Baseball; Basketball; Birdwatching; Body building; Bowling; Camping; Canoeing; Chess; Cycling; Darts; Fishing; Hiking; Horse Riding; Mountain biking; Pool; Rock climbing; Running; Sailing; Scuba diving; Skiing; Snorkeling; Softball; Swimming; Table Tennis; Tennis; Volleyball; Walking; Weight training; White water rafting
More Lifestyle
Pace of Life:
Time at Work:
I work a standard 40 hour week
Pastimes of choice:
Spending time outdoors
Time Online:
I check in once a day
I love it!
Dining Out:
I eat out a few times a month
TV Habits:
There're several shows I watch regularly
Movie Frequency:
It's a weekly ritual
Sport Involvement:
Watching from the couch
I like animals
Family Size:
I've got a brother and a sister
Family Closeness:
We're average
Willing to Relocate:
I'd consider it
There's nothing better
Dietary Restrictions:
I have none
Likes & Dislikes
Pets (Like):
Bird(s); Cat(s); Dog(s); Exotic pet(s); Fish; Reptile(s); Horse(s)
The Deep Stuff
Work Aspirations:
Get promoted
Dream Home:
House in the suburbs
Retirement Plans:
Doing volunteer work
Feelings about using JWMatch: