Meaningful Matches

9 April 2010

Are you getting too many matches or too few?

If you've looked at your match scores with other members you will have
noticed that it's a two way calculation that generates the match score.
We'd rather not get bogged down in the clever algorithms used by our
propeller heads to make this all work, so let's rather focus on making it
work for you.

The key thing is to make sure that you provide as much detail as possible
in both the 'About Me' and the 'My Ideal Match' sections of your profile.

The information you supply and the 'How important is this criterion in
your matches?' weighting you select will have a significant impact on your
results. If your ideal match is a blonde green-eyed female aged 22
residing in Katmandu and all of this is 'non-negotiable' then chances are
you'll come up empty handed. Conversely, if you choose your ideal match as
a male aged between 18 and 100 living anywhere in the world, you may be
swamped for choice.

So, like everything in life, a good balance is the key. The best approach
is only to make things 'non-negotiable' if they really are. If you're not too
fussy about your match's hair colour, make sure you choose an appropriate
importance level.

Play with your ideal match settings, and have a look at the number of
matches you find in 'My Matches'. If you have too many to choose from,
tighten things up a bit, or loosen up your criteria a bit if you have too