68 – somewhere, Florida, United States

Down to earth, genuine article. I am what I am....plain and simple. I love to...

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Country of Origin:
United States
somewhere, Florida, United States
5' 5" (165cm)
Body Type:
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Jehovah's Witness
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Divorced (Free to Remarry)
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Friends; Open to possibilities; Marriage
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In Her Own Words

About Her

Down to earth, genuine article. I am what I am....plain and simple. I love to dance. I always wanted to ballroom dance. I could dance all night, but right now I have no one to dance with me....sometimes I put music on and dance by my self...Latin makes want to shake things up for sure. R&B makes me tap my foot and enjoy, Jazz makes me want to be with someone....like soul music. Jehovah\'s music makes me yearn for the new system and it is like Jehovah himself is singing to me to be peaceful and be patient.
I am athletic and have alot of energy. I love to laugh, I guess because I have had alot of tears. Now that I am free from those hard times and have found peace within, I want to laugh and enjoy my brothers and sisters.
My spiritual goals that I have set are in motion. I will be pioneering again in Sept. of 2004 with Jehovah\'s help and guidance. Until then, I have my studies and service regularly. I keep busy in Jehovah\'s service and have joy and blessings.

About Her Ideal Match

The person I am looking for is a wonderful man. He is kind and loving. Even when I make a mistake or do something unthinking, he looks at me with eyes of love and just smiles. Then with those eyes that show all his love he makes fun of me and we laugh. Never do I feel unappreciated or put down. I am his soul mate, the extention of his own flesh. When I hurt, so does he. Or I punch him in the arm. We will wrestle and play, with words or actions he will always be my best friend and I will be his. NO matter what. Nothing will separate us, not time, nor space. He will fall in love with my heart as I will for his heart. He will rescue me from my loneliness and I will rescue him from his. Ok reality check.....he will belch and scratch and a few others things....but he will be my bubba and I pitty the pour fool that trys to take him away from me.....

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