39 – Brooklyn, New York, United States

Starting with what's truly important first... (which interestingly was last...

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About Him

Country of Origin:
United States
Brooklyn, New York, United States
6' 1" (185cm)
Body Type:
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Hair Colour:
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Eye Colour:
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Home Language:
Other Languages:
Jehovah's Witness
Serving As:
Regular Pioneer
Marital Status:
Never Married
Looking for:
Friends; Open to possibilities; Marriage
Have Children:
Want Children:
Daily Diet:
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In His Own Words

About Him

Starting with what's truly important first... (which interestingly was last on the suggested info list)
Spiritual Goals: Spiritually, there's always need for further cultivation... especially in the meekness and humility categories. However, one of the most spiritually beneficial goals I've recently accomplished is reading The Bible Ge1:1-Re22:21 (beyond highly recommended) but I now hope to go through it more in-depth, looking into the "deeper things".
Also, there is the hope to continue in my current assignment as long as possible, yet, the want to return to la Republica Dominicana constantly tugs at my heart strings. Which, I of course, try to dissuade with my second most prominent (first most peculiar) goal... helping a Spanish circuit in Japan. (Of course, if the work happens to open up in a certain East Asian country, that would take all precedence)
Self-Description: Well, it may be obvious from the preceding info but the most often used words in reference to me... different and/or strange. Also, adventurous, humorous, ruckus and tedious, but those come with a sometimes attached. Not to forget the tendancy to always be smiling which can be quite annoying at times I'm told...
Interests: Interested in putting the kingdom interests first, the "deeper things", and "striving after the wind": mainly concerning foreign countries, languages (Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean primarily) and Salsarengue DANCIN!^_^
Hobbies: *cut-paste interests section*
mountain/rock climbing/biking (not rock biking though ^_^), swimming, computers, soccer, tennis, quiang-ji (Chinese Chess)

About His Ideal Match

Really there is only one set requirement... a true Christian… personality, mind, and actions. Anything additional is simply preconceived speculation based upon fancy… however, making this quadruple redundant ad tedium… I can not help but to believe that someone who was raised in/lived in another country yet wouldn’t mind moving once again and is an athletically adventurous person who would like to learn or help me to learn another language while teaching me to dance, would be a fine individual and is more than likely outta-my-league. ^_^

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