39 – middleton, Idaho, United States

I am free lance bum and an aspiring millionaire bum, and also a volunteer...

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United States
middleton, Idaho, United States
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In His Own Words

About Him

I am free lance bum and an aspiring millionaire bum, and also a volunteer fire fighter. When I am not pursuing my dreams of bummyness, I make dirt look good! yep just like everyone else out there i am a landscaper. My favorite number is 8. Why? you ask. For instance, if you had eight of anything you would be pretty well off. 8 shoes, you good for years, 8 cheese burgers, you got enough for you and a few buddies. $8.00 you got enough cash to buy a case of Hamm's and a lime at any Texaco. My favorite color is Green, all shades but I lean toward the limey ones. I love the outdoors, new socks, people, the outdoors, and anything that can be done outside. I don't care what I am doing as long as it is outside with my friends. Wait...did I say that already? I ride Dirt bikes whenever I get the chance(can I get a "heck Ya" from all the Honda fans out there, even though I ride a Kawai)and I down hill mountain bike, ski and snowboard. I have lived all over Idaho in search of the perfect town. One that holds all the goods. Killer powder in the winter, epic water and sick trails in the summer! My travels have brought me to Middleton Idaho. Yeah I know, I know, the lakes here smell like cows and dead carp, the powder, well lets just say it's not the kind of powder I had I'm mind, and trails well, there aren't any. Oh well sometimes you just got to bite the bullet for work, after all if you don't work, how do you pay for the beer you drink while at the dead carp smelling lake. I love to hunt, fish, camp, and rock climb. I don't know why but I feel most at home hundreds of miles from the place I pay rent to call home. The thicker the trees, the steeper the drop, the deeper the powder, and the bigger the camp fire the better. Wait did I say camp fire, I meant BONFIRE! I have a badass dog. His name is Romo, say it with me "Row-Moe." It seems like an easy name to say but I guess I was wrong. If there is a creature who loves water more than me it is him. It makes sense I guess, we are both Pisces. I am pretty sure he is half trout. My goal is to teach him to surf, or to stand on the front of a kayak. That will be just about the most bad ass thing I will have ever seen. I love anything and everything tropical. I will live in Hawaii someday. For those of you already there, I am coming! I have a little Sister, her name is Sunny. yep our parents were hippies. We where the products of love and weed. She still lives in our home town of McCall. That is pretty much the story of me in a nut shell.

About His Ideal Match

fun lovin Kinda people, who like to have fun, I am looking for someone in particular. if you see this you know who you are. And any one who can teach me new things

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